How to Apply

One of the artists involved in the cooperative project must submit the application. This main applicant opens an account on the application portal and fills out the application form with their own personal data / documentation and information about the cooperative project.

As part of the application process, all other artists participating in the cooperative project will receive an email invitation from the main applicant to join and complete the online application. By following this invitation, each artist can create their own account and upload and submit personal data / documentation.

The main applicant cannot submit the completed joint application until each artist involved has submitted all the required information and necessary documents.

  1. Only to be filled out by the main applicant (directly in the application portal):
    • The number and names of the artists involved in the cooperative project.
    • The title and a content description of the cooperative project (450 words maximum).
    • An association of the cooperative project with one of the following choices of artistic disciplines: architecture, visual arts, performing arts, film and media art / audio plays, literature, music, interdisciplinary art.
    • A description of how the cooperation is composed (please describe the specific form of the cooperation between the participating artists, as well as any (optional) collaboration with partners; 450 words maximum)

  2. Each of the participating artists involved in the cooperative project needs to submit:
    • A portfolio and / or documentary / informational material about previous artistic work (no catalogues)
      Per artist:
      1 PDF file, max. 5 pages, max. file size: 50 MB
      and optionally
      1 audio or video file (.mp3, .mp4, .wav, .mov, max. 10 min) or 1 Vimeo or YouTube link (max. 10 min)
    • An art CV (curriculum vitae), 1 file, max. file size: 50 MB (.pdf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg)
    • Documentation of professional artist status, max. 5 files, max. file size: 50 MB (.pdf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, for further information, see FAQ 4)

The application can be submitted in German and English.